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MS Transverse Insurance Group launched in 2018 serving as a P&C program carrier, partnering with reinsurers and program administrators to provide a broad range of property and casualty products for commercial and personal lines.

MS Transverse can provide admitted and non-admitted solutions. MS Transverse adds unique value through its ability to retain risk and being an active partner in all functional areas of the program cycle.

Our company has been created to provide all the resources you need to experience long term success. Each member of our team possesses proven expertise in their field and is ready to provide innovative solutions to meet your needs. Your needs are unique and expanding; MS Transverse is built to bridge that gap and maximize your opportunities.

  • Resources
  • Flexibility
  • Access


MS Transverse has been created to provide the resources and knowledge you need to succeed. Our interests are aligned, and we view our role as being an active collaborator to help in all phases of your program administration.

Our team possesses a diverse background of technical skills including underwriting, product development, actuarial and financial analysis, compliance, and claims administration.


Whether your needs are for risk-sharing or access to more capacity, MS Transverse can tailor a program solution that fits your objectives. Our flexibility allows you to use your own systems and products to best execute your strategies, and our solutions are created to compliment your market needs.

Flexibility is essential to producing durable results in dynamic markets, and Transverse provides you with the ability to optimize your business.


MS Transverse serves to create new market opportunities by providing access to both (re)insurance companies and leading MGAs with varied risk appetites.

Our ability to bear risk opens the full spectrum of traditional and non- traditional reinsurance solutions, and our team has deep and broad access to the most favorable domestic and international markets. Matching the ideal risk appetite to your market opportunity produces true alignment and shared vision.

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